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Cornucopia Community Advocates is a nonprofit organization created in 2000, dedicated to the mission of enhancing community spirit and effectiveness through sharing resources. CCA offers direct service programs and in community resource development.


Cornucopia Community Affiliates work together with additional CCA direct service programs to assist over 24 tax-exempt public charities serving thousands of people who share a common interest—improving the quality of life in their area of community service. 

Cornucopia Services for the Community

  • Create and maintain an online community resource directory
  • Create community collaborations
  • Build community resources where gaps exist
  • Conduct community and agency needs and asset assessments
  • Perform formal studies of community problems
  • Conduct program evaluations

Cornucopia Community Affiliates

Cornucopia establishes agreements with community service groups that align with CCAs mission, yet are not ready to become separate non-profit corporation. The dates of the affiliation are shown after the affiliates name.


SedonaKind   2015 - 2016  

Sandy Brandvold
Encouraging acts of kindness, large or small, locally and around the world.

Sedona Area Homeless Alliance (SAHA)  2015 - 2016  

Laurie Moore
The mission of the Sedona Area Homeless Alliance is to create projects, services and programs that protect, advocate for and empower our local homeless community.
SAHA offers ways to address the immediate needs of the homeless and mobilizes the community to help create long term and permanent solutions.
SAHAs mission also includes developing a network of members and supporters and is dedicated to ending homelessness in Sedona and the Verde Valley
SAHA Photo 


Tewa Holiday Project   2007 - 2015  

Randy Crewse
Support elders of the Tewa Tribe residing near First Mesa in the Hopi reservation with annual gifts of food, clothes, blankets, etc.




Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects   2013 - 2015

Supports Hopi sustainability, self-impowerment and provide cross-cultural learning opportunities through service projects on Hopi Indian lands and other Northern Arizona locations. Building cultural continuance, self reliance, self esteem, self empowerment and maintaining life in remote lands far from the economic resources of the modern world are important to us.


Crossing Worlds


Imagiventure     2013 - 2015

Using alternative art and events to deepen community relationships. Alternative art involves artistic expression that blurs the line between life and art, distancing itself from market-driven art




Sedona Ceremony & Sedona World Wisdom Days    2010 - 2015   

Maintain a gathering place for sacred ceremonies that promote respect and harmony among all faiths and tribes.

Sedona World Wisdom Days is a citywide soulful celebration that invites wisdom seekers and keepers to share, celebrate, discover and expand their inner wisdom.




Sedona Mentoring Circle     2013 - 2015

We support girls in aquiring the life skills that will develop their strong and passionate personal voices, to encourage them in assuming the leadership of their own lives, and in finding inspiration from the experiences of those who went before them.



Help the Homeless  2010 - 2015 

Purpose: Supply financial assistance to aid homeless persons in securing a residence and financial means to sustain their residence.



Friends of the Old Town Center for the Arts   2011 - 2015  

Old Town Center For The Arts
Is the best theater for live music and entertainment in the Verde Valley. Only a twenty minute drive from Sedona and Old Town Cottonwood's premier concert venue with performances and entertainment in music, theater, comedy, and the performing arts. Purpose: Enrich community sharing through the arts, diversity of cultural traditions, art scholarship, and community-building programs.



FACT       2011 - 2013 

FACT Board
Furnish education, financial aid, and empowerment for low-income persons.

Red Rock Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation & Retirement     2014 - 2015

Creating and maintaining a center to accomodate animals (principally horses and dogs) in need of rescue, rehabilitation and/or retirement and to create an educational environment and accompanying programming regarding stewardship of animals includong care, feeding, training as well as such issues as cruelty, adoption, sterilization, etc.




NAMI Sedona National Alliance for Mental Illness     2009 - 2015  

Sedona Chapter of NAMI
Purpose: Supply education and personal support for behavioral health consumers and their families.



Community Gardens     2008 - 2015  

City of Cottonwood
Purpose: Establish a community garden for training low-income families in food growing and preparation.


HOPE Healthy Outdoor Public Envrionments 2012 - 2015

HOPE Committee

Advocate for effective non-toxic methods for creating and sustaining public spaces that provide healthy and beautiful envrionments.



Northern Arizona Restorative Justice    2005 - 2013

Cornucopia supports this innovative program for high impact intervention of youth referred by police and schools for violations to mobilize youth and families to solve their problems in the community and keep them out of the juvenile justice system. This program also aids victims of juvenile crime. Adult volunteers are trained to assist youth and families.


Communities For Compassion   2008 - 2011

Provide volunteer aid to disabled and homebound persons.



Center Space      2010 - 2012  

Sedona Collaborative Enterprises
Provide education to encourage collaborative planning for nonprofits, business, faith organizations, and communities.


Continuity Project   2008 - 2012

Bauer Enterprises
Develop creative software to assist persons through the process of dying.




Cornville Mission Food Bank   2010 - 2012  

Hearts for the Hungry & Homeless
Provide rent for a facility to house the Cornville Mission Food Bank and funds for obtaining fresh produce from local growers.



Cottonwood Airport Celebration Day    2009 - 2010

Cottonwood Committee
Support for a day of celebration of the Cottonwood Airport.


Cottonwood Clippers Swim Team      2008 - 2010   

Cottonwood Clippers
Provided support for development of the City of Cottonwood swimming pool to competitive swimming team standards.

cottonwood clippers

Delmar Sacred Garden Fund          2007 - 2011

Delmar Sacred Garden Fund
Provides support for development of gardens that promote sacred reconnection with the earth and the personal healing that it offers.


Emergency Resource Network      2011 - 2012

Emergency Resource Network
Developed a network of emergency social services to aid persons experiencing crises regarding loss of job, loss of home, etc.



Beaver Creek Food Bank   2009 - 2011  

Beaver Creek School
Develop food bank for hungry residents of the Beaver Creek area.


Harmony Health Initiative     2011 - 2012  

Living in Harmony Neighborhood Association
Perform a neighborhood health needs assesment and develop a plan for improving community health in the Harmony neighborhood.


HELP Project     2011 - 2012

Hospitality Ecological Learning Program - Annabel Inn
Purpose: Provide field experience for students of university hospitality career programs including NAU, ASU, and UofA with emphasis on incorporating ecologival best practices for sustainability.


Kids Cooking Network      2011  

The Kids Cooking Network
Create and broadcast multi-media internet presentations of youth teaching youth how to prepare healthy meals.


Mitzvah Day       2011 

Sedona Community Center
Organize community volunteers to perform a day of community service for non-profits and persons in need.

Mitzvah Day



Music For Tots      2003 - 2011

Music For Tots
Offer classes for children under 5 years and their parents to develop music appreciation and beginning music skills.


Music For Tots  

Opening Minds to the Arts     2011 

Sedona Artist in the Classroom Project
Furnish trianing in the art to students and teachers in the Sedona-Oak Creek School District.

Child Art

At-Risk Kids (ARK) Project     2010 - 2011

Red Moon Ranch
Help at-risk children via heart-centered horsemanship and apprenticeships with volunteer community mentors.


Sedona Farmers Market    2010-2011 

Expand public access to localy grown foods, engage in research and education for agriculture, and advocate for the legitimate interests of local farmers.



Sedona Flood Relief      2009  

Dr. Dennis Harness, Ph.D.
Purpose: Furnish financial support for families that experienced property damage from a 2009 flood.

Sedona Flood  

Sedona Marathon Community Education      2012 

Sedona Chamber of Commerce
Purpose: Provide commuity education to children and adults to promote physical fitness, improved health, and participation in the Sedona Marathon.

sedona marathon 

Verde Food Council   2009 - 2012  

Verde Food Council
Purpose: Build community support for meeting the needs of the hungry by education and resource development in the short-term, and for achieving local food security for all Verde Valley residents through sustainable agriculture.









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